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Congratulations! You have found the Top Rated prep course for passing all steps of the U.S. Customs Officer Entrance Exams. (Click here if you are looking for Border Patrol Test Prep.)

This mobile-friendly, online course will give you everything you need to ace the Customs Officer Written Exam plus every other step in the hiring process. You will get immediate access to engaging practice questions and insightful, multi-media tutorials. Learn how to master the Logical Reasoning questions. Bonus courses include  Mastering - the Polygraph, the Psych Exam and the Oral Interview. My 5-Star one-on-one support is also included. 

Note: This course is for Customs Officers only. Click here for Border Patrol Agent Prep. 

Course Contents

Best Practices for Getting Hired

  • Overview: Customs and Border Protection
  • Avoiding Costly Mistakes when Applying
  • Recent Experiences of Applicants
  • General Test Taking Tips

Written Exam: Tutorials and Practice Questions

  • Math Refresher and Practice Quizzes
  • English Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Master the Logical Reasoning Questions

Bonus Courses

  • Mastering the Polygraph
  • Mastering the Psych Exam
  • Mastering the Oral Interview

Ultimate Satisfaction

  • One-time Fee
  • Unlimited Access
  • Personalized Support
  • Money-back Guarantee
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