Police Written Exam Prep - Texas

Achieve top scores on your police written exams in Texas with my LEVEL* QuikPrep Course. This widely acclaimed, online course will give you everything you need to ace the LEVEL test that is used by  most agencies in Texas. There are hundreds of engaging practice quizzes and insightful, multi-media lectures. Bonus courses include How to Pass - the Polygraph, the Psych Exam and the Oral Interview. My one-on-one support is also included. Learn why over 96% of all students give this course a 4 or 5-star satisfaction rating. 

* LEVEL is a police test provided by BANNON and Associates to many law enforcement agencies in Texas. It stands for Law Enforcement Validated Entry Level Test and complies with the minimum standards set by TCOLES.


Course Contents

Overview Material

  • Best Practices for Your Police Job Search
  • Best Practices for Filling Out Your Application
  • Tips and Strategies for Effective Test Taking
  • Preparing for the Physical Abilities Test

Test Topics - Lectures and Quizzes

  • Differential Decision Making
  • Written Expression (Grammar, Clarity, etc.)
  • Spelling from the LEVEL word list
  • Vocabulary from the LEVEL word list
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Basic Math

Bonus Courses

  • Mastering the Polygraph
  • Mastering the Psych Exam
  • Mastering the Oral Interview

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One-on-one, Expert Support


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