NYPD Test Prep

Achieve top scores on your 2017 New York City Police Department Exams with my widely acclaimed, online study course. There are hundreds of engaging practice questions and insightful, multi-media tutorials that will give you inside tips and strategies for how to beat the competition. The course includes my one-on-one, personal support plus optional courses for the Psych Exam and Oral Interview.


Course Contents

Overview Material

  • Best Practices for Your Police Job Search
  • Best Practices for Filling Out Your Application
  • Tips and Strategies for Effective Test Taking
  • Preparing for the Physical Abilities Test

Test Topics - Tutorials and Practice Questions

  • Memorizing Visual Information
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Skills - Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary
  • Police Incident Report Writing
  • Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Visualization

One-time Fee / Unlimited Use
One-on-one, Personal Support from Sgt. Godoy
Optional - Advanced  Courses

  • Mastering the Psych Exam
  • Mastering the Oral Interview
  • Mastering the Polygraph
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